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Innovative technology, challenges the futureJingzhi-Laser equipment - Innovation and Technology, the next challenge

01 Strong enterprise strength
  • Specialized inR & D and production of industrial laser equipmentThe high tech enterprise。
  • Integration of advanced technology at home and abroadTo create first-class quality laser equipment。
  • ProfessionalProfessor laser technical talents and advanced laser technology experts。
02 Efficient production efficiency
  • Professional laser technical personnel and advanced laser technical expert Professor team, closely followed the international advanced laser technology。
  • The research, design and production of each kind of equipment are based on the practicality and the idea of human nature.
  • And strict control of each production link, to ensure that the performance and quality of each factory equipment。
03 The most cost-effective price
  • Market oriented, sincere service for the purpose;
  • Good quality, excellent service, reasonable price, beautiful shape;
  • Constantly strengthen their own construction, according to the strict standards and quality control measures to ensure product quality, while providing a good sales service。
04 Perfect after sales service
  • "Creating value for customers" is Kim laser eternal philosophy。
  • In order to pragmatic research and development, sincere service, to equipment of high performance and service of high quality and meet the needs of customers in various industries, for the user to create value, your success is the success of Jinzhi!
  • Goods to not satisfied! Three days can be returned to my company!
05 Video operation demonstration
  • Live remote live video (which is not to shoot video playback): color images, high-definition smooth, to watch no cost, as you visit the scene
  • Real time on site maintenance, maintenance, operation,Let you in the thousands of miles away, Houguwuyou。

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Zhongshan Jinzhi laser equipment Co. Ltd.

Zhongshan City Jinzhi laser equipment Co., Ltd., located in Sun Yat Sen's hometown, Zhongshan City, specialized in R & D, production of industrial laser equipment, high-tech enterprises. Companies to integrate advanced technology at home and abroad to create first-class quality laser equipment. Professional laser technical personnel and advanced laser technology expert Professor team, followed by the international advanced laser technology, and with Germany, the United States, Britain and other world....


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