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Zhongshan Jinzhi laser equipment Co. Ltd.
Contact:Mr. Li
Mobile phone:13380877007

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Zhongshan Jinzhi laser equipment Co. Ltd.
Contact: Mr. Li
Cell phone: 18688108807
Telephone: 0760-88639997
Fax: 0760-88639995
Mailbox: klaser@126.com
Address: eight, No. 23, No., No., industrial park, Zhongshan Torch Development Zone

Chongqing branch
Contact: easy to be
Cell phone: 18680877133
Mailbox: 310471445@qq.com
Telephone: 023-86352133
Fax: 023-86352133
Address: Chongqing City Jiulongpo District Valley machine trading center A District No. 10

Xinjiang branch
Contact: Zheng Junqi
Cell phone: 13519977689
Mailbox: klaser@126.com
Address: Xinjiang Jinghe County Jingfu District 45 Building No. 8