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Optical fiber laser cutting machine parameters how to see?
Publisher:admin Add time£º2016/7/20 Browsing times£º1529
Fiber laser cutting machine parameters to see how? This is a lot of people want to know, have to admit, the fiber laser cutting machine parameters is very important, it directly affects the quality of the cut, then, to see how the parameters of fiber laser cutting machine? The following Xiaobian is talk to you fiber laser cutting machine parameters, teach you how to choose fiber laser cutting machine!
1 the effect of auxiliary pressure
Laser machining, heat affected zone can blow off gas assisted cutting of slag cooling and cutting. Auxiliary gas, including oxygen, compressed air, nitrogen and inert gases, etc.. For part of the metal materials and non-metallic materials, the general use of inert gases or compressed air, to prevent the burning of materials. Cutting of aluminum alloy materials. For the vast majority of metal materials, the use of active gases (such as oxygen), which is due to the oxygen to the metal surface, improve the cutting efficiency. When the auxiliary high pressure, surface material appears eddy current, weaken the removal ability of the melt and cause kerf width, cutting surface roughness; when the pressure is too low, can not be blown completely melt away, at the bottom surface of the composite will adhesion stick residue. Therefore, when cutting the auxiliary gas pressure should be adjusted to get the best cutting quality.
2 the influence of laser power
The size of laser power has a considerable influence on the cutting speed, cutting width, cutting thickness and cutting quality. The required power is based on the characteristics of the material and the mechanism of the cutting. For example, good thermal conductivity and high melting point and high cutting surface reflectivity of the material requires a larger laser power. General under certain other conditions, laser cutting processing in a to obtain the best cutting quality of laser power and further decreases or increases the power will produce hang slag or burning phenomenon is caused by the decline in the quality of processing.
In addition, with the increase of the discharge voltage, the intensity of the laser will increase because of the increase of the input peak power, thereby increasing the diameter of laser spot, cutting seam width increases; with the increase of the pulse width and the average power of the laser will improve, laser cutting seam width increase; usually, with the increase of pulse frequency, cut gap will become wide. When the frequency exceeds a certain value, cut seam width will decrease.
3 the influence of cutting speed
Laser cutting processing and cutting speed on cutting quality materials have considerable influence, ideal cutting speed will make the cut surface showed a relatively stable lines and lower material not emergence of slag. When the assistant gas pressure and laser power is certain, the cutting speed and cutting seam width showed a nonlinear inverse relationship, when the cutting speed is relatively slow, prolong action time slot cut in the laser energy, resulting in the kerf width increases, when the speed is too slow, the action time of the laser beam is too long, the workpiece cutting seam and seam difference will be very big, the quality of cutting down, production efficiency will also be greatly reduced. As the cutting speed increases, the energy of the laser beam becomes shorter, which makes the thermal diffusion and heat conduction effects become smaller, and the width of the slit is correspondingly smaller. When the speed is too fast, is cutting the workpiece material will be due to cutting the lack of heat input cut through, this kind of phenomenon belongs to incomplete cutting, and melting of the material can not be timely disallowed, the melt will enable cutting seam welding.
4 the influence of focus position
The focal position is the distance from the laser focus to the surface of the workpiece, which directly affects the surface roughness, the slope and width of the slit, and the adhesion of the molten slag. If the focus position too far ahead, it will increase the heat absorbed by the lower end of the cut workpiece, in cutting speed and assistant air pressure of circumstances, will cause by cutting materials and cutting seam near the melting of the material is liquid under the surface flow, the cooling is the melting material spherical stick attached to the lower surface of the workpiece; if position lag, the less of the lower end surface of the material to be cut is able to absorb heat and cut gap materials will not be able to melt completely, in the plate surface will be the adherence of some sharp and short residue. Usually, focus position should be on the surface of the workpiece or slightly a little bit, but different material requirements is not the same, cutting carbon steel, the focus on the surface of the plate cutting quality is better; and when cutting stainless steel, the focus should be in about half of the plate thickness effect is better.
Above is the fiber laser cutting machine parameters introduced, fiber laser cutting machine parameters on cutting quality, different uses of cutting parameters is not the same, hope you do not blindly purchase, before buying must consider!