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Laser beam power, the higher the better the effect of cutting it?
Publisher:admin Add time£º2016/7/20 Browsing times£º1475
Metal laser cutting machine is focused by the laser beam into a very small spot of its minimum diameter (less than 0.1mm), so that the focus of a high power density (can be more than 106W/cm2). At this time the light beam input (by the light energy conversion) is far more than the heat of the material reflection, conduction or diffusion part, the material is quickly heated to the vaporization temperature, evaporation of the formation of holes. With the relative linear movement of the beam and the material, the holes are formed in a narrow width (e.g. 0.1mm or so). The side effect is small, and there is no distortion of the workpiece. The auxiliary gas is added to the material to be cut during the cutting process. Steel cutting it with oxygen for gas assisted with the molten metal produce exothermic chemical reaction oxide materials, also help blow away slotted in the slag. The use of compressed air, cotton, paper and other flammable materials to cut the use of inert gas. The auxiliary gas entering the nozzle can also cool the focusing lens to prevent dust from entering the lens holder and causing the lens to overheat. It has the following processing characteristics:
Laser, cutting machine processing flexibility
Metal laser cutting machine without mold and auxiliary supplies to prepare, whether it is a single product, a variety of small quantities of products or processing requirements of different graphics, can be instant processing.
Advanced processing technology
Laser beam laser cutting machine laser focused spot diameter is very small, the processing precision, the heat affected zone of the processing material is small, the work piece basically does not deform. A laser beam can be through the transparent material layer or sealed container ned workpiece and is able to focus on wavelength high energy laser micro processing and conventional methods are unable to achieve the process can be finished.
The processing cost is low, the operation is simple
Laser processing does not require additional work and supplies, as long as the normal operation of the laser, can be a long time for continuous processing. The processing speed is fast, the cost is low, and the automatic production can be realized by computer control, and the operation is simple and convenient to change.
To meet the requirements of environmental protection
Laser processing of metal laser cutting machine is harmless, clean and sanitary, in accordance with the requirements of various countries to produce environmental protection, to avoid corrosion, screen printing and other processes caused by restrictions.