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Laser technology that we don't understand
Publisher:admin Add time£º2016/7/20 Browsing times£º1481
They do not understand the laser technology, 1960 laser was the first successful manufacture. Laser is emerged under the background of the urgent need of theory and practice, it came, unusually rapid development, the development of laser not only makes old optical science and optical technology gained a new life, but also lead to the emergence of the emerging industries. Laser cutting machine laser can make people use unprecedented advanced methods and means, to obtain unprecedented benefits and results, thus promoting the development of productive forces.
However, like laser cutting, laser cutting machine laser welding has been widely used in the production and life, and such as laser crystal, THz laser knowledge we rarely contact. In this paper, the author lead us together to find out who we are not familiar with the laser technology.
Laser cutting machine laser crystal can transform the energy supplied by the external cavity into the crystal material with high parallelism and monochromatic laser in space and time. Working material of crystal laser. Laser crystal is composed of two parts, which are light emitting center and matrix crystal. Most of the laser crystals are composed of active ions, and the ions are partly replaced by the cations in the crystal. When the active ion becomes a part of the matrix crystal component, the self activating laser crystal is formed.
The activated ions used in laser cutting machine are mainly transition metal ions and trivalent rare earth ions. Optical electrons of transition metal ion is in the outer layer of the 3D electrons, in the crystal the optical electronic susceptible to around crystal field directly, so in different structure types of crystals, the spectral characteristics have great differences. 4f electrons of trivalent rare earth ions by the shielding effect of the 5S and 5p electrons in its outer shell, the crystal field effect weakened, but crystal field perturbation enable had forbidden the 4f electron transition possible, produce narrow absorption and fluorescence spectra. So the spectra of trivalent rare earth ions in different crystals are not as large as the transition metal ions.