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Optimal selection of laser aluminum cutting
Publisher:admin Add time£º2016/7/20 Browsing times£º1517
In recent years, laser technology innovation makes people of laser cutting the advantages of aluminum were evaluated, the laser cutting process can be faster processing with consistency of parts, it is higher than the traditional processing efficiency, laser cutting technology will greatly reduce the processing time and production cost.
At present, the laser cutting equipment on the market can be divided into three types, namely, carbon dioxide laser cutting machine, optical fiber laser cutting machine, light pump laser cutting machine.
Carbon dioxide laser cutting machine, CO2 laser wavelength 10.64um, more easily be non metal uptake, non-metallic materials with high quality cutting wood, acrylic, PP, organic glass. But in the cutting of aluminum, copper, silver and other high reflective material, most of the energy is reflected in the loss, resulting in greatly reduced the practicality of the machine. And CO2 laser photoelectric conversion rate only 10% or so, consume a huge amount of liquid nitrogen replacement supply, electricity consumption, supporting cooling system cost, the cutting of aluminium plate can only cut to 3 mm thickness, making the most of the cutting aluminum customers flinch.
Optical fiber laser cutting machine is a new type of optical fiber laser in the world. It can save space and gas consumption more than carbon dioxide laser cutting machine, and the wavelength of 1.06um is more suitable for the cutting of metal materials. Current commercially available fiber laser is mainly IPG continuous laser, the reliable quality, but the price expensive, but can compete with laser manufacturers less and less, which makes the whole fiber laser machine price has been high. And if the laser in a single fiber damage, it is necessary to replace the whole laser, such as the maintenance cost also let stumbled at the majority of customer demand.
In contrast, YAG laser cutting machine, the same is 1.06um wavelength, very suitable for metal cutting and YAG laser technology is international society widely recognized and used quite a long time to mature laser technology, the laser beam quality and laser pulse characteristics, is suitable for to the cutting process of metal materials, energy utilization rate is high. At the same time and low cost of purchase and use, so that more and more customers.
Now on the market of YAG laser cutting machine numerous, manufacturers also the Ganges, in a large number of YAG laser cutting machine manufacturer, can really cutting aluminum material factory number is not much, and in number not much to cutting aluminum materials manufacturers, only blow air to cut aluminum, and the cutting speed and accuracy can be comparable to that of high power fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers is rare.