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Laser cutting machine applicable which material
Publisher:admin Add time£º2016/7/20 Browsing times£º1533
Laser cutting machine quality, unique technology. Today let's talk about those materials that are suitable for laser cutting machines.
1, carbon steel:
Laser cutting machine can cut carbon steel plate with maximum thickness of 12mm, using advanced laser technology, good beam quality, small slot, smooth cutting surface. 6mm steel plate cutting just blowing air, without the need for oxygen blowing. Greatly save the cost of the user to use oxygen
2, stainless steel cutting:
The laser cutting machine developed by our company can cut the maximum thickness of stainless steel which is below 6mm. Cutting the thin sheet, the precision is about 0.1-0.2, the surface has no burr, and is widely used in the advertising industry.
3, alloy steel plate:
The laser cutting machine can cut most of the alloy steel, and the cutting edge is of good quality.
4, aluminum, copper and other non-ferrous metals:
My company's laser cutting machine cutting aluminum, copper and other non-ferrous metals has made a major breakthrough in the performance of aluminum alloy laser cutting machine developed successfully. The speed of cutting aluminum and copper is higher than before, cutting aluminum alloy to improve 4 times, cutting copper 5 times, cutting thickness also increased obviously, the maximum thickness of 6mm, cutting surface is bright and smooth.
5, other metal materials cutting:
Suitable for non-contact cutting, drilling and processing of various hollow sheet metal laser cutting machine. With high precision, high speed and other advantages, become the development direction of sheet metal processing technology.