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Fiber laser cutting machine to determine the characteristics of cutting line
Publisher:admin Add time£º2016/7/20 Browsing times£º1487
Fiber laser cutting machine determine the cutting edge method detailed characteristics: cutting perfectly adapted to cover the complex changes in the product, completely simulate the actual mold production status, without the need for manual correction, fast speed, short cycle, good cutting quality.
Fiber laser cutting machine compilation procedures don't save manual correction, but with the theoretical cutting edge entirely consistent 3D processing procedures, directly for cutting products. It can ensure that the cutting process is consistent with the actual cutting edge, there is no two dimensional line can not be drawn. The whole cutting process with no manual intervention, from the source to ensure the every processed products are and module, and thus the original need several worked to get the trimming line reduced to only need 3 to 4 times can be completed.
Fiber laser cutting machine for metal processing time, line cutting, and has a higher precision and cut off the plate, but the disadvantage is that the speed is very slow, sometimes need to by other methods also perforation, wearing a wire to cut, and the cut size is restricted, laser cutting of material drilling, cutting, cutting speed is very fast, the processing size range than the line cutting of. Laser cutting is widely used in the metal processing industry, and the laser cutting speed is fast, and the accuracy is high. On thin plate, aluminum, stainless steel sheet metal cutting has the absolute advantage, this is the fiber laser cutting machine can not be replaced, I believe that with people for laser cutting product demand will continue to increase, fiber laser cutting opportunities is more popular.
Fiber laser cutting machine and other cutting method is there are a lot of different, for some metal parts cutting, we can take the punching process, this is high efficiency, fast speed, and the cost is low but need specific mold and tool to in cutting and only in the sheet stamping, cutting machine, optical fiber laser cutting machine laser cutting and the cutting method, compared with good flexibility, can at any time of arbitrary shape workpiece cutting and not die a little. The punching process will be difficult or impossible to achieve therefore has not been widely used. Flame cutting metal field is commonly used in cutting process of, cutting thickness range is very large, but with the laser cutting, cutting surface quality and accuracy is relatively poor, but can and processing of thick plate than the laser cutting, so the fine generally is the fiber laser cutting machine.