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How to choose a laser cutting machine?
Publisher:admin Add time£º2016/7/20 Browsing times£º1617
Laser cutting machine technology is already quite mature in cutting industry has a very large market share, but there are still many users how to choose a suitable for their own laser cutting machine to still have a variety of problems, the following Di can laser to introduce a how to correctly choose a laser cutting machine.
1 scope of business needs
First of all, we should consider to be clear about the scope of their business, cutting materials thickness, the need to cut what materials and other factors, then determines the need to buy equipment power size and size, at present market laser cutting machine power between the 500w-4000w while working table size manufacturers can be customized according to customer demand.
2 vendor's initial choice
After determining the good demand, we can go to the market to know about or to buy a laser cutting machine counterparts where the first look at the performance of the machine and the basic parameters. Manufacturers concessions for early communication and proofing a a few powerful price. Later we can spot investigation, for the price of the machine, the machine's training, payment, after-sales service for more detailed negotiations.
3 the size of the laser power
In for laser cutting machine performance, we should give full consideration to the environment, the size of the laser power is critical. For example, we often cutting 6mm about sheet metal, then we choose to 500w-700w laser cutting machine to meet production needs, if the cutting more than 6mm materials we need to consider the power of a machine, so for the cost control of the enterprise has a great help.
4 important parts selection
Some important parts of laser cutting machine, we need to pay attention to when we buy. In particular, laser, cutting head, servo motor, rail, water tanks, etc., to be clearly made or imported. These components have a direct impact on the cutting speed and precision of the laser cutting machine, a lot of domestic manufacturers will use the domestic fake imported accessories to deceive customers.
5 after sales service
A laser cutting machine, no matter how good, users in the use of the process will encounter a variety of problems, is in meet customer can not solve their own problems, manufacturers can provide timely solutions is particularly important, which is why we buy laser cutting machine needs to consider an important factor.