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Laser cutting machine is widely used in the production of the industry?
Publisher:admin Add time£º2016/7/20 Browsing times£º1465
Laser cutting machine is widely used in light industry, heavy industry and other industries, the existing traditional cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, flame cutting machine, laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine, cutting machine, etc.. But in the metal cutting machine at present, there are traditional cutting machine, laser cutting machine. Individual take laser cutting machine is mainly metal sheet metal processing, metal cutting, metal cutting, casing, casing cutting processing, sanitary ware, kitchen utensils, instrument panel, elevator panel and so on.
At present, the laser cutting machine is divided into small and medium power and high power cutting machine. Small and medium power cutting machine in the 1000W below, the price is absolutely cheap, cutting the thickness of the metal individual will not exceed 10 thick. And high power laser cutting machine individual in the 1000W or even several thousand watts. Cutting thickness, the price is relatively high, individual only large manufacturers such as automotive parts processing.
Individual small and medium power metal cutting machine can cut
1, carbon steel plate cutting. The maximum thickness of the carbon steel plate can be cut by the modern laser cutting system, which is close to the 20mm, and the cutting of the thin plate can be as narrow as 0.1mm. Laser cutting of low carbon steel and its minimal heat affected zone, and cutting on flat, lubrication, good verticality. For high carbon steel, the cutting edge quality of laser cutting is better than that of low carbon steel, but the heat affected zone is larger. The maximum cutting depth of the laser metal series laser machine 10mm.
2, stainless steel cutting. Laser cutting is easier to cut stainless steel sheet. The maximum thickness of the stainless steel cutting system with high power YAG laser has been up to 4mm. We developed a small power YAG laser cutting system for cutting stainless steel thickness up to 4mm.
3, alloy steel plate cutting. Most of alloy steel can be used in laser cutting, the cutting edge of good quality. However, the tool steel and hot die steel with high tungsten content can be melted and stuck in the laser cutting.
4, aluminum and alloy sheet metal cutting. Aluminum cutting is melt cutting, to help the gas to the cutting area of the melt blown away, can achieve a better view of the quality. At present, the maximum thickness of the cutting aluminum plate is 1.5mm.
5, other metal materials cutting. Copper is not suitable for laser cutting, cutting is very thin. Most of titanium and titanium alloys and nickel alloys can be cut by laser. Non metal materials. Di CO2 laser laser cutting machine CO2 marking carving machine series of practical cutting carving wood, paper, rubber, leather, acrylic, plastic, cloth fiber composite materials, carved horns, double color plate, paint, copper. The minimum cut 0.1mm, individual metal cutting machine in cutting beyond 4 thick time individual to add gas, and at present, the laser cutting machine in the light of the thickness can reach 8 thick. Carbon steel cutting thickness of about 8mm, less slag, the most thick can reach 10mm cutting, cutting the thickness of the YAG small and medium power industry. Cut less than 6mm stainless steel, less than 8mm steel are able to use air cutting effective managing use rest on our laurels, laser cutting machine cutting effect is also very good.
For manufacturers to reduce costs is always one of the goals they pursue. With the gradual popularization and application of laser cutting and welding in the automobile manufacturing industry, more and more imported equipment, how to make good use of these devices and reduce manufacturing costs have become the problem that the manufacturer must solve.
The principle of laser cutting part is actually a kind of oxidation reaction, in the cutting process with pressure gas to blow off iron oxide. A lot of CNC laser cutting machine used in the process of high purity, because of its high purity, good effect. A bottle of pure oxygen and high price of about 350 yuan, and the price of a bottle of ordinary oxygen only 12 yuan, a huge difference; in addition, high purity oxygen is not easy to buy, sometimes because of traffic problems delayed delivery time, the impact on production.
We have been exploring the question of whether we can use ordinary oxygen instead of Gao Chunyang. By adjusting various cutting parameters, we in the cutting machine external increased a set of one or more sets of the filtering device, adjusting the position of the head. After 3 months of debugging can finally use ordinary oxygen instead of high pure oxygen to achieve the ideal effect. After the test, a bottle of oxygen about 2.5h, 3.5 a shift required oxygen bottles, daily need about 10 bottles, calculated by 350 yuan a bottle of oxygen per year of normal production can save more than 100 million yuan, greatly reducing the production cost, improves the survival of enterprises.