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Laser beam cutting machine beam can meet the requirements of the number of precision
Publisher:admin Add time£º2016/7/20 Browsing times£º1594
Fiber laser cutting machine offers many advantages to sustain high growth and high yield, single mode optical fiber laser cutting machine does not require focusing mirror, no longer need the flash of replacement, maintenance free, compact laser cutting machine with air cooling design and save the expensive super clean workshop space, high beam focusing properties provide the ultra high power density makes in the effective working distance enjoy a wide range of applications. But in order to meet the requirements of laser cutting machine positioning and high precision components, this method requires the use of close tolerances;
In addition according to the application, at present, domestic laser cutting machine application is the production of artificial diamond and natural diamond drawing die production, watches and clocks and instrument of jewel bearing, the plane leaves, multilayer printed circuit boards and other industries. Fine controlled optical fiber laser cutting machine beam meets the needs of the disk drive manufacturers, laser cutting machine in the process of injection molding through a dedicated fixture fixture components
The shell of the original bridge technology under the bridge piece is 5mm thick 16Mn steel plate, by blanking material mould and mould finished in 2 times, then and processing the same bridge piece butt, intermediate and then two triangular block fill and finally welded into axle housing (see Figure 1). But because of the traditional process of sheet blank Chong cut contour and the precision errors, resulting in, under the bridge piece of forming and triangular block with docking, weld width a, uneven, below the automatic welding process and quality problems. The finished bridge leakage test, the leakage phenomenon often appears in the delta region. Therefore, the triangle area had to be changed into manual welding.